Monday, September 9, 2013

What is Shell Scripting?

For those who do not have a programming background must be unaware of the basics of different operating systems and scripting. Shell scripting can be confusing for the beginners but with the passage of time when you start learning different things of this language, it will become clearer to you. You might find it interesting to learn and apply later once you are aware of the actual functioning of this script.

·         Basic intro

Shell script can be described as a text file, which contains string of different commands that have been placed in a particular sequence. Once the script is allowed to run all of the commands are executed which are present in that file. Shell, basically refers to a special command line interface which is used for communicating with Linux kernel. Nowadays different shells are being used and the most common shells are csh also known as the C Shell, ksh also known as the Korn Shell, sh which is also known as Bourne Shell and Bourne Again bash or shell.

You will experience different scenarios while making a script using a shell. The different cases can be:
1.      Supporting and existing script while you are looking forward to make few amendments
2.      Automating systems setup procedure while you are installing oracle.

If you pass through any of the above stated conditions you will need to use a special script that will help in determining the actual state of the different requirements of operating system. You have to keep in mind that these requirements must be met before you plan to install the software.

·         Linux
Bash can be described as the most common shell that is being used under Linux. The other name given to this shell is Bourne Again Shell, which is very first name, awarded to this shell. In fact there are several other shells available for using with Linux and are easily compatible with this operating system. But most of the experts recommend using this shell, as it will help in increasing the chances of your operating systems compatibility with other similar operating systems.

·         UNIX

While you are using UNIX, it will allow to string different commands together and then execute them as a set of UNIX commands even when the set of commands which needs to be executed has not been completed. The process of executing a script is made a lot faster by this process. Shell scripting done under UNIX makes it quite easy for the programmers to understand your code. These types of scripts can be shared easily at any corner of the world on the systems that have UNIX f

·         Script for windows

Windows also allows its users to develop certain scripts and then use them for generating and controlling different types of programs. In Windows shell scripting is basically done to generate the logon scripts. These scripts then are used for configuring the different settings of the Windows that a user will prefer after logging in. it is a unique feature that enables programs to use shell scripting in Windows also.


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