Monday, September 9, 2013

What is MySQL?

MySQL is the best source to provide database system working as a server and further provide access to other databases. SQL is the abbreviation of Structured Query Language. In simple words, MySQL helps in creating a structural database on the web for sake of either storing data or an access to automotive procedures.  With the help of such system one can create a number of magnificent projects on the web. MySQL is also one of the open sources that are free to use as it is licensed with general public license GPL. The system is supported by the web host and is further associated with the Linux servers.

How it is used?

MySQL is one of the widely used choices for creating the database on the web. Some of the renowned sites have used it as the database management system that includes YouTube, twitter and Facebook. The choice of the system works as a database to be used in web applications and is considered one of the major components of LAMP. MySQL is although a bit complex in use but easy to be built and can be manually installed. After special customizations it is installed from binary package. Once the system is installed after simple steps, system often require configuration to adjust further settings related to security.

In what way it is better than other system?

The system provides the multiple storage engines in which one can manually select the efficient storage for the web use. The system provides many features storage engines that each carries its own features. While creating the table on the web one use the complicated statements of MySQL for the efficient working. Once the tables are created the major part of the project is done, as the speed of the system as well as reliability is much standardized when compared to other systems. The system works best when a webpage is receiving a record number of hits each day.

The tables of the system provide the real characters of the data type that provide convenience in use. When used LongText data type, one can use billions of text characters, while the Longblob data type provides the functional advantage of holding many characters at the same time. The feature of Bigint data type provides the ultimate storage of countless digits used by the multi user. These features are considered to be the major reason behind the use of the system by many renowned websites that receives a record number hits by the user each day.

As MySQL is free to use being licensed with GPL, the support for the use of the system can be obtained from the manual available on the official website while further support is also available on the wide level at many forums and IRC channels. More advanced support is provided by ORACLE on paid services. Many versions of the system are released and there are further advanced system ready to be released due to the wide use of the system by many experts.


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