Monday, September 9, 2013

What is phpMyAdmin?

phpMyAdmin is a script made in PHP that is basically used for providing the interaction of the user with the MySQL databases. Wordpress actively works in order to store the data in MySQL database and within the wordpress site the information is generated by the interaction of the database. The tool can be used for various activities that could include creation, modification of databases, execution of SQL statements and management of users and their permissions. The tool was first released in 1998 and since then has introduced many updated compatible versions.

Important features of the phpMyAdmin:

The program actively works for the MySQL while its features deliver the best services. Web interface is the main feature of the program while it is directly involved in working of managing the MySQL database. The program also helps in importing the data from SQL as well as CSV. Another exciting feature of the program is that it can export data in variety of formats. The program administers on multiple servers and further creates complex queries by suing the QBE. The set of function in the program also provide efficient services in transforming the stored data in various other formats. The program also works for the creation of graphics for the database layout.

Uses of phpMyAdmin:

The handy program is performing various important functions that have the major benefits for the user in various ways. The program performs commendable operations related to maintenance of tables, editing required and back up information. The program deals with the various functions related to the handling of MySQL database that could involve deleting, creating modifying and editing.

Access to the program:

Some of the hosting control panels have php program already installed in it and one has to do zero effort in order to take access to it. The link to the program is normally available at the database page and can be asked from the host site to give the access. While the manual download of the program is also available that can be installed from the project page of phpMyAdmin. One of the important considerations for the user is the careful handling of the program, as it provides the direct access of handling the database. Any misuse or mishandling will lead to trouble as the program doesn’t provide any undelete or undo options. It is convenient to exercise with caution in order to deal with database. 

Summarizing the concept of phpMyAdmin, the browser based application is designed to provide the maximum help in managing MySQL database. Apart from using the traditional method of command prompt the program is designed to deliver the services by using the browser. The program itself is free of cost but there could be some charges that one has to pay for MySQL database. Data can also be imported in the program with few simple steps. The data of MySQL cannot be directly deleted with the help of program but the program instead helps in making modification and deleting in tables.


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