Monday, September 9, 2013

Making Slave MySQL Server

Setting up a slave MySQL server is a very easy process, that is, if you are aware of the actual commands and the medium which is required to execute the commands.  MySQL server is used to run different commands through a suitable medium for carrying out different actions that cannot be done otherwise. These commands are also useful for keeping the data on your computer secure. It is important to keep a proper back up of the precious data your system is holding. By having a backup it will become easy to restore the data at any required point. 

1.      These points are going to be helpful for those who are basically working from home and are unaware of the importance of the fact, that how important it is to keep a backup and your information protected.
2.      Most of the workplace computers have data backup options that help prevent accidental loss of data. In case it is lost it can be recovered easily with the help of different commands that are used to activate the backup. 

3.      This tells us that the importance of MySQL  database is quite strong if you want to make sure that your data can be transferred from one place to another in any event of loss.  Workplace managers make sure, that their employees are aware of the importance of the MySQL server and how it can save from a great loss.

·         Working of salve MySQL server 

Slave MySQL server enjoys considerable popularity in terms of functioning and user reliability. But it is more important to know the actual functions of the server and how it acts a major backup tool. One important question which might come in the mind of several programmers is that, will this server serve as an online backup tool or an offline backup tool. There is an option to choose online medium or offline medium for the protection of data. Most of the users adopt the online backup strategy in order to deal with any downtime issues.  There are several advantages of an offline backup system as it offers less number of errors and there is no need to worry about the running transactions, orphaned processes or table locks or anything else that can create errors and disrupt the normal functioning. 

·         Characteristics of slave MySQL server

Those users who can easily afford downtime and have slave replication then the offline backup method is best for them. Database is created with the help of data dump option that helps in several other processes. It can be regarded as an expensive exercise but in the end all the efforts will be worth it. The size of files will also get large when an additional SQL syntax is added. But this is not a matter of concern as it does not harm the system or functioning of other programs.  It is important to know all of the steps that are required to set up a Salve MySQL server , as  a single command that is entered wrong will disrupt the process of data migration. 


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