Monday, September 9, 2013

Installing MySQL with Apache 2.x

For the sake of local development and testing, Apache and MySQL are installed on the computer windows in order to serve for various purposes. 

Installing the latest apache series:

·         For the installation of the latest Apache available few simple steps are followed.
·         While going to the official website of Apache one can search for the best available version of Apache 2.x. One will encounter with the win file containing the setup of Apache version. The version has to be further downloaded on the computer. 

·         Run the file from the desired destination and keep on moving next until it asks about the server information.
·         In server information, local host information has to be given while one can give any email address when required for admin email. 

·         Change the name of the destination folder and keep on moving until the installation is done.
·         As soon as the installation is complete, the file will start running on the screen. A dos window might also open on the computer until the Apache is running on the computer.
·         The next step is the creation of index.hmtl file that can be made with simple steps and has to be saved in Apache folder. Once the file is saved open it for display if the apache is running the step is successful otherwise repeat the process.

Installing MySQL

·         Go to the official page of installing MySQL and scroll down to find the concerned link. From link find the desired file and download it to the computer. 

·         Unzip the file to some folder and run the necessary setup from given destination.
·         Once the installation is complete, one has to create the username and password for further proceedings.
·         The username and password can be modified with php later for further editing.
MySQL and Apache:

Apache helps in running the various modules of the MySQL and if Apache fails to work with the specific version that could result in using the previous MySQL libraries. Recompiling of all modules using MySQL will be a better solution to the problem. For the effective use of MySQL files with apache one needs to understand the importance of availing the options for authentication to apache. There are many online packages available that provide the source that will be helpful in upgrading the version of the program and further helps in verifying the problems. These packages vary with the system it is designed for; from Linux to the MAC system. The basic programs work for the installation of various programs that requires the selected versions of MySQL and apache. Failure in the coordination of the two files will result in the failure of the installation. The settings stand for the security as well as requirements for the concerned activity for the web server.

In short MySQL ad apache works in coordination with their related versions and provides the database that has to be run in order to perform the specific function on the computer. These stand for the efficient components on the web server.


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