Monday, September 9, 2013

Setting up Master MySQL Server

Setting up a master MySQL server is an easy process. But for the beginners this process might get tricky as they do not know how to place different commands. Apart from knowing the exact and accurate commands required for executing different actions they also need to be typed correctly, as any wrong command will not let a required action to take place. It will actually prevent MySQL from carrying out the action further in case a wrong command has been detected. So it is important to learn and enter the exact commands for this purpose.

1.      To initiate the process first of all you need to install MySQL on the Windows Dedicated server

2.      After installing MySQL you can start the program and enter the required commands

3.      You will start MySQL with the help of Windows Command Line

4.      To make this process successful you need to know the following steps

Note: the steps that we are going to discuss over here can be used easily on any version of Windows, as there are no special instructions or guidelines that require MySQL to become operational on Windows.

·         Getting started
First of all open the windows command box which is also called as the DOS Windows. After you have opened the console window you can start MySQLD server with the help of special commands.
The exact path of the MySQLD server will actually depend on the server of Windows and on the path where MySQL has been installed. You can also stop the functioning of MySQL sever by entering a simple command.

1.      It is important to note that if there is a password required then you need to bring the p(password) option on the mysqladmin, which will allow your access to the root use account.

With the help of simple commands MySQL administrative utility will come into action and inform the mysqladmin server, to establish a link with the main server and as a result it is ordered to shut down or discontinue its activity.

2.      It is important to note that, the users accessing the MySQL grant system are basically independent and free from the influence of any other users that login Windows for different purposes.

·         MySQL web server
In case you are facing difficulties in initiating the MySQL server then you need to have a look at the error log, which will tell you about the different errors that are stopping the action. You will also know if any action has been dropped by the server due to certain limitations and this will eventually help you out in determining the actual problem. All of the errors are recorded in the system files and you can easily access them at any time.
There is another process for initiating MySQL server with the help of mysqld console. By using this command you will be able to successfully run the program and start the server. By entering this command your screen will display some useful information, which will serve as a guideline to prevent further errors from taking place.


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