Monday, September 9, 2013

Most Common Shell Commands

Here we are going to discuss a few common shell commands that are being used by the programmers to enable different functions. Beginners are confused about the set of commands that can be used and the command box through which they can execute their commands. All of the shell commands use s sensible and a logical pattern to be executed. All of the shell commands are very short and only include three or four letters. Shell commands that are used frequently have been shortened to ease their usage criteria. Now we will describe a few simple shell commands that will get you going.

·         Man command

Also known as manual command, it is used to help users with different problems that can be faced while using Linux operating system. It is a built in command and needs not to be modified. The man commands pages are not the standalone guidelines for the beginners but can be used as a reference to mix the reference material which you learned somewhere else.

·         Info command

Info command is a very useful command, which is also used as a reference source for gaining help in different matters of Linux operating system.

1.      Troubleshooting suggestions and GNU information can be gained with the help of info command. It is somewhat different from man command as in info command you can make use of the hyperlinks for easy and secure browsing.

2.      You can access the required material easily as there are several shortcuts available for scrolling through different pages.

·         Date command

By looking at the name of this command you will get an idea about the working of this command. When you enter this command on your system you will come to know about the current date and time on your system.  If you use cal command along with date command it will show the calendar. You can look into the calendar of the current month or choose a special date where the calendar can take you to.

·         Is command

Is command is a basic command that will display the different contents which are present in a directory that you have chosen already. It means that you will be able to see all of the files which are present in a specific directory with the help of this simple command. This command has different switches that can be used to modify its functionality and behavior. You can use different commands with the basic Is command to get more detail and description of the content which is present in the directory, or even a specific directory for which you are looking. Hidden files in any directory can also be viewed if you use another command with the basic Is command.

·         Cat command

Cat command can be used for viewing all of the text which is present in any simple file. This simple command comes handy if you are dealing with basic text files and want to see the text which is present in these files.

All of these commands are quite simple and can be placed to execute different actions according to your requirements.


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